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About Kushesh Express


Kushesh was founded in 2008 and specialises in servicing the distribution needs of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The Kushesh head office is based in Gauteng, South Africa with branches within the major city centres.


Kushesh was established to meet the need in the medical and pharmaceutical market for high standards of care and precision in the transport of critical clinical supplies.


Our Promise


Kushesh Express is a specialist in healthcare. We take great care and pride in the quality of the service we deliver. It is our focus to ensure that medical products get our fullest attention. We seamlessly bridge the transport gap between manufacturers and health care facilities such as hospitals and clinics.


The dependability of our service is underlined by our ability to securely transport medical supplies and equipment across South Africa. Medical products are fragile and vulnerable to damage, contamination, and pilferage. By exclusively focusing on medical products, we minimize the risk of contamination to goods.



Our Team


Kushesh Express staff are trained with a stringent code of conduct necessary to meet the requirements of any emergency at medical facilities. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of affordable service to our clients. This is achieved by understanding the needs of our clients and by providing a medium for constant interaction through a dedicated channel.



Dedicated Account Management


Kushesh is committed to providing ever-increasing standards of service and customer care. With a philosophy of continuous improvement, we are committed to achieving exceptional levels of customer service. We are able to fulfil this objective through a dedicated Account Manager function. Account Management regionally and locally have been developed and implemented within the Kushesh organization as an integral part of the business process.


The objective of our Account Management function is to:

  • Present one face to the customer

  • Provide a flexible client focused approach

  • Provide expertise and quick solutions

  • Conduct strategic planning

  • Manage client relationships


Kushesh considers the monitoring of service and performance as vital to effective contract management. Reports are compiled daily to measure staff performance and turn around times on deliveries.





Our key clients include hospitals, clinics, government health points, rural clinics, township clinics, retirement/retirement frail care centers, medical sales representatives, healthcare centers, small, medium, and large enterprise manufacturers, and occupational health clinics.


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